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information technology, information systems, web design, software development, systems analyst
Information Technology, Information Systems, Information Systems Design, Information Systems Analyst, Software Design, Programming, Web Design, Website Design
systems design, systems analyst, software development

Wyoming Information Systems & Web Design is dedicated to creating excellent quality software development for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and other environments where computer instructions are executed. We work on many hardware platforms, including mainframes, and operating systems, including Unix, Linux, DOS, and Microsoft Windows. We specialize in software development using object oriented programming. We have established a high standard of excellence for our organization and we are committed to promoting these strandards. Our Network believes in fast, efficient service. We are dedicated to helping you get the "Best Possible Solution" for your investments. All of your dealings with us are strictly confidential and you are in complete control of all transactions.

An information system is a collection of hardware, software, data, people and procedures that are designed to generate information that supports the day-to-day, short-range, and long-range activities of users in an organization.

In the computerized world we live in, the necessity of having an information system for your business, either large or small, is becoming more and more obvious. Wyoming Information Systems and Web Design can design and install all the components needed to create a smooth operating, integrated system for you regardless of the size of your enterprise. Many companies are lagging behind the general public in the use of information technology. Do your employees, as well as customers; ask why you are not on-line, or why your inventory is not computerized? Even if your existing systems needs updating, our company can help you.

Even a brick and mortar businesses needs exposure on the Internet! New residents, visitors, and local, long time residents look on line for the “best place” to purchase seldom bought items.  The paper ‘yellow pages’ are giving way to available on line information. With the advancement of dynamic web-sites, customers are allowed to make comments, lend advice about services, and give your business on-line ‘word of mouth advertising’; and you know, as a business person, word of mouth advertisements are the “Best of the best”.

When you consolidate all the processes used by your company into a "total" information system, your business can change from a ‘paper choked’ office to paperless, your data can be stored off site, so if some disaster befalls your city or building, all of your information will be available with a few ‘key strokes’ and you can continue doing business as usual. Also all of your information can be available to you in a matter of seconds.

The Five Main Types of Information Systems

Information systems are constantly changing and evolving as technology continues to grow. Very importantly the information systems described below are not mutually exclusive and some Management Information Systems and Executive Information Systems can be seen as a subset of Decision Support Systems. However these examples are not the only overlaps and the divisions of these information systems will change over time.

Information systems generally are classified into five categories:

Information Technology is our specality and should be yours.

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systems analyst, software development
information technology, information systems, web design, software development, systems analyst, programming
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